Possible Reasons Why Your Site Rankings Dropped

Have you ever had a top ranking in Google, and then it just magically disappeared? If you check your rankings and top keywords, this has likely happened before.

Any website or blog will jump around in the search results, and there are many different reasons on why this may happen.

A perfect example of this would be if content offered on some pages may not be selling anything, or they may just be offering a brand, so seeing it counts as a win for them. With such little value on pages, Google likely won’t want to index these pages high, as they don’t have a great user experience.

If a site is experiencing significant traffic loss after significant (or small) changes, Google will likely want to re-evaluate the site with its current template and content.

The good news is, no matter where your site is ranking in Google, we will be covering the topic in great detail today.

Reasons why your website has dropped in rankings

When it comes to the actual reason why your site has dropped in the search results, there are actually many different factors in play here. And as reference in this article from Zutrix, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons below — and how to address or fix each of them.

Repetition of Content

Content that is “so similar to other content or identical to it as to be similar,” Google describes as keyword stuffing. Although this isn’t necessarily considered misguiding or evil, it can result in reduced search engine rankings.

Platforms are penalized when they duplicate content on purpose to manipulate rankings and will traffic.  If Google believes the content is competing with the same queries, it may penalize a site that has a greater variety.

Technological Difficulties

Technical SEO influences search engine robots’ ability to index the material on a website. 

Adding or deleting files or pages can cause your website problems, even if you theoretically optimized it. 

As a result, keep an eye on any technological SEO problems that may arise on your platform. 

Google URL Inspection lets you examine how search engines perceive your website.

Update of the Google Search Algorithm

A change to an algorithm may produce two outcomes for the site’s rankings. Google may roll out a new algorithm for starters, or it may be an upgrade to an older one. 

The second reason for this would be that it has been one of the recognized algo’s ongoing updates.

With Google Penguin and Panda integrated into the main search engine algorithm, and therefore likely to be refreshed more frequently than before, they are some of the most relevant updates regardless of the niche or market type.

And even in the year 2019, there were numerous Google algorithm updates and the launch of BERT.  Another way to explain the importance of prioritizing the searcher’s purpose, selecting relevant keywords, creating high-quality content and links, ensuring the best user experience.

Poor Customer Service

It is also important to note that the user interface affects the website’s rating.  If the site was scoring high on search results, but users didn’t find your page satisfactory, your ranking may suffer significantly.

A range of metrics, including download rate, time spent on a website, bounce rate, number of visits, and others, are often used or analyzed by search engines.

Google SERP Variations

Last but not least is Google’s revision of the SERPs, which may impact positioning.  The possibility always remains that Google started addressing any of your questions in the search results, even though it only happens once in a blue moon.

The latest updates to Google’s search result pages have introduced new features, including information tables, rich snippets, Q&A sections, video examples, product pages, and work advertisements. While these features help customers, they detract from organic search results.

To learn more about how to use a SERP Checker tool to improve your rankings in Google, be sure to watch the short video below.


Maintaining current notifications and avoiding the temptation to go for the top spot effortlessly with shady SEO tactics are by far the best and most secure ways to have your popularity built and grown in search engines.

When you seek to improve your search engine ranking, you must apply a lot of effort and commitment. Don’t use shady strategies that will leave your site nowhere to be found, or your traffic will plummet.

Understand the latest developments in internet marketing and best practices that can help increase your web presence, traffic, and market share.

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