VPN Stats and Internet Usage

When looking at the internet today, it’s unfathomable to think about how much content there is, how many people are online at any given moment, and just how the internet as a whole works.

The good thing is, we don’t need to know why and how the internet works… it just does.

However, what we don’t know might also come back to hurt us. This is specifically in reference to different areas of the internet one might visit, and the problems that can arise by not having a VPN actively running on your browser.

What is a VPN and How Does It Work?

VPNs are gaining more attention day after day, and as their continue to be more data leaks and personal information being collected and stolen, VPNs will continue to be used by more people as they learn more about them.

As highlighted in the video above, you will learn what a VPN, why you need one and why they work so well at protecting your personal browsing habits and information.

In short, a VPN provides you a secure and private connection by encrypting it. Wondering why’d you need one?

VPN Internet Usage Statistics

If you already know what a VPN is, and if you are already using one… excellent! If not, here are some great stats and references you may benefit from.

  • 26% of internet users have used a VPN at least once (Data Prot).
  • One-quarter of all internet users have accessed a VPN in the last month (The Best VPN).
  • 35% of VPN users are between the ages of 16 of 24 (Go Globe).
  • 33% of VPN users are between the ages of 25 and 34 (Go Globe).
  • 17% of desktop users have accessed a VPN in the last month (The Best VPN).
  • 44% of Indonesian internet users utilize a VPN (Global Web Index).
  • 15% of mobile users used a VPN in the last month (The Best VPN).

At the same time, it’s also important to realize that the internet is growing at a rapid pace, and these numbers can quickly find themselves outdated.

More VPN and Internet Safety Resources

As we all continue to learn more about the internet and how it continually collects data and sells it to different companies around the world, the more we all want to better protect ourselves.

To learn more about this process, be sure to read through our VPN protection guide, while also checking out the latest articles and case studies adding to the blog.