WordPress Web Hosting Review for Site Owners

WordPress website hosting is a crucial service that most website developers require today. Why? Simply because WordPress has become one of the most recommended, convenient, and feature-rich platforms to build a website. However, such hosting services entail a lot of differences between them. These differences span over the resources, locational value, price, convenience, and hosting service performance.

One hosting service launched in 2020 that has taken the WordPress world by storm is WordPress Optimized hosting solution. It is becoming the preferred hosting service for many web developers. Here, we will analyze the WordPress web hosting services of in great detail. Additionally, we will consider a few cons of the service as well.

What will the service cost?

The basic “Starter” package will cost you only 25 USD per month. The price is minimal compared to the exceptional features it offers. You get one WordPress optimized installation that can bear page traffic of almost 25000 visits per month. Additionally, you get a 10GB storage space with a free CDN, WAF, and SSL.

You can upgrade your package to three further levels: Pro, Business, and Agency. Each level offers a greater quantity of the features listed above for a marginally cheaper price-tag. For example, the agency package offers you installing 25 WordPress Optimized websites for only 166 USD per month. Thus, the price of one installation falls to less than 7 USD. Additionally, the package accommodates around 500,000-page visits per month, along with a 50GB storage space. 

It must be noted that the services of are amongst the top-tier services in the WordPress optimized hosting market, which justifies the price tag. Additionally, the prices are much lower than a dedicated hosting server. Additionally, you get the best services without the requirements of managing a dedicated or Virtual Private Server.

Safety of your data

Limited backups and restoring facilities is a prime issue with most WordPress Optimized hosting services. Many services also force you to buy a third-party backup service that adds to your monthly website hosting bill.

On the other hand, WordPress optimize hosting automatically backs up your complete website’s content for at least 14 days. Thus, you can restore your website to the same level it was around 14 days ago. Also, you can create your manual backups in a single click as well.

Moreover, you may connect any third-party service that suits your backup needs based on your choice rather than a forced purchase by the hosting company on your behalf. This aspect gives you greater autonomy and control over your website.

Your website needs protection. may be the only WordPress Optimized hosting service that provides you free of cost, inbuilt malware, and virus protection. In most other cases, you have to purchase a premium, third-party service that adds to the monthly price-tag you pay to keep your site live and safe.

Additionally, WordPress Optimized Hosting also offers a dedicated Cloudfare Umbrella service that makes it easier to protect your content even further. You can fix any vulnerability on your website at a single click. The best part is that the services patch most vulnerabilities automatically for you.

Additionally, the same CDN services also increase the speed of website content delivery. Thus, you can serve your users faster and safer by utilizing WordPress Optimized Hosting services.

Support and Live Chat

The best thing about them? They are always available. offers you support services round the clock. You can connect with their live chat support team and get your issue fixed. Additionally, you also have the option of leaving an email that explains your issue and let their team fix it within the next few hours.

Their phone support is also available throughout the day. You can call 646-895-6320 and connect with a trained professional ready to solve your issue. Finally, their team helps you in any site migration service that you require.

Exceptionally Convenient Dashboard

A convenient dashboard can increase your comfort when using a website hosting service. offers you a dedicated and user-friendly dashboard to analyze all the details regarding your WordPress website. You can monitor the current number of websites hosted on their platform. Similarly, you may analyze the total number of visitors to your hosting package, your disk space usage, and the monthly bandwidth you have utilized.

Additionally, you may analyze the aspects of each site individually as well. Thus, the method offers a clean and easy to use solution for your WordPress hosting statistics.

You are located … EVERYWHERE.

Have you ever heard about the Global Edge Network? If not, it is the utilization of physical servers worldwide to reduce the waiting time for serving web pages in different areas. WordPress Optimized Hosting solution offers you the chance to become part of their global edge network for free. Yes! You become a part of this network as soon as you sign up for any of their services for their usual prices. You do not have to pay any additional charges.

Additionally, there are 15 physical locations where they locate their servers. Thus, site access speed in most areas is exceptional. You also get a chance to specify the exact locations you wish to target your websites on. This way, your customers can get the fastest load speeds.

What are the negative aspects of WordPress Optimized Hosting?

Like most other WordPress hosting services, the WordPress Optimized hosting offered by does not offer an inbuilt file manager system. However, you get access to FTP services, which you can use to edit or replace any file manually. Additionally, WordPress offers multiple file management plugins for you to consider, as well. Although these plugins may create a vulnerability for viruses to attack your website,’s secure servers prevent any such attacks.

Additionally, you do not get an in-build email handling system or SMTP server with the hosting. Instead, you can connect your G-Suite or Outlook365 to the server. Although this aspect may increase your costs, it offers more convenient email handling than the traditional Webmail services.

Finally, as the name suggests, you can only host WordPress websites. However, you did select WordPress hosting after all! Which means it caters to your specific needs.


Considering all the given arguments, may be the most effective and highly useful WordPress Hosting service available to customers today. Their reviews are great, and customers are happy with their service. Additionally, their drawbacks are easily removable. Try using the service now and share your experience in the content section.

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