Best VPN Service Providers

If you want to stay safe online, one of the best methods you can use to achieve that goal is to opt for a VPN provider. Why does this matter? Because there are more and more security breaches at this time.

Companies like Sony for example got hacked a few years ago, Yahoo also had multiple breaches and many other businesses had to deal with hackers that stole their data. The last thing you want is to have your data stolen by other people. This is how data theft situations start, so the thing you want to do is to protect your personal information and personal content online.

The best thing you can do is to use a VPN!

What is a VPN and why you need one?

VPNs are tools that allow you to connect to an external server and make it look like you are from that particular country. Most of the typical VPN providers have multiple servers all over the world. Basically, if you want to visit a website that’s only for Japanese people and which is locked for the rest of the world, you use your VPNs Japanese server and you can access that site.

A good example would be Netflix. This platform isn’t available everywhere in the world, but with a VPN that connects with the right server, you can easily access it. Spotify would be another great example of service available in limited areas. As long as you use the right VPN service, results can be more than ok.

Why do you want a VPN? The idea is that you need to protect all your personal information the best way you can. Since all the data doesn’t go to the internet provider, he won’t be able to see your browsing history. Not only that, but VPN solutions tend to use encrypted servers to ensure that you are 100% secure at all times, regardless of the situation. 

You can never be too careful with the way you store your data. Prying eyes are everywhere, especially in the online world. So, the last thing you want is to deal with hackers that basically steal your data and sell it to other people. This type of practice does happen nowadays, but you do need to focus on results, and that’s why using a VPN does make a lot of sense here.

It’s really had to figure out what data can be stolen and what’s safe nowadays. As we mentioned earlier, lots of corporations are already dealing with this type of problem, so protecting your data is as important as it has ever been. If you really want to stay safe online, a VPN can really help with such a thing and it offers all the bells and whistles you need in this regard.

Top VPNs on the Internet Today

Thankfully, there are dozens of VPN software tools out there. They all have their own client, and the idea is to install the client on your PC and then select the desired server you want to connect to. All traffic will be routed that way and the internet provider won’t know about what you do online. It really helps, and it works extremely nice. With that in mind, here you can find some of the best VPN solutions on the market!

  • IPVanish is one of those VPN software tools designed to bring in front a tremendous value for your money. It’s fast, a lot faster than competitors and they do have around 60 servers in total. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of servers, and it goes to show that you can easily deliver a good service without having to ask a lot of money in return. Just like most of the services in this list, this VPN tool has a month-based pricing. It makes sense, because you may not need it everytime. But you can save a lot of money if you opt for the yearly options.
  • StrongVPN has a great name, and it is indeed a powerful VPN solution. They don’t have a particular data cap, so you are basically free to use the service as many times as you need. That doesn’t really mean it’s unlimited, but you can feel free to use it as you want. Plus, they do help you bypass the various internet blockages. You get to have the stuff you want, when you want it, and that’s really impressive in the end.
  • OverPlay is the kind of service that runs really well and which is particularly good for offering media support. If you want to browse a video site from another country, this solution can do the trick. It will also help if you want to protect your private data against the government’s prying eyes. It really makes a lot of sense to use this, and the results you can receive from something like this are very good.
  • NordVPN’s approach is quite impressive to be honest. They allow you to use this service even via public networks, and it helps you do person to person connections too. And in case things go wrong, they added an automatic kill switch button. This happens only when they need to cancel the connection because a server is not secure. Yes, NordVPN really is one of the better options out there, and you may need to give it a shot. It’s certainly a very good tool to use, and one that does pay off really well.
  • ViperVPN has a clear focus on security and privacy. The server is based in Switzerland, but they also have additional servers in many countries all over the world. Also, they do a very good job at improving their service all the time, so you will definitely be quite impressed with the value and efficiency you can obtain from something like this. The fact that they focus on the speed of delivery is very good, and you will be quite amazed at the results and value that they bring in to the table.
  • ExpressVPN is good for desktop, but it also works for mobile too. It only offers 3 simultaneous connections, but that doesn’t mean you will need more most of the time. The customer service for this particular site is very good, and they do have a good client that’s rather easy to customize. It makes a lot of sense, and it brings in front some nifty experiences for you to enjoy. However, their security is impeccable and the fact that you can use multiple mobile versions under the same account is really handy. It’s one of those things that not everyone may need, but those that use it will like it a lot.
  • HidemyAss is quite popular and it has been available for quite some time. The thing that makes it very good is the fact that it can easily help you surf, browse or shop without worrying about anything. It offers the anonymity you want and when you need it the most. You can also choose to use it as the means to bypass various network problems and get access to the content that you want. It’s really interesting, and it brings in front a cool range of options for sure.
  • Windscribe is mostly suitable for the desktop, but it does have simpler iOS and Android versions too. The idea with it is that it also has a pretty good extension for browsers, so you can easily use a VPN in your browser if you want without any hassle. It actually makes sense to use this sort of approach, and it’s by far one of the better options that you can find out there.
  • VPNArea is a good platform that helps you boost your browsing speed, bandwidth and so on. It actually makes a lot of sense to use it, and the overall experience you can get as a whole will be more than ok. They also added a DNS leak feature that enables you to ensure the DNS provider won’t spy on your activity. Let’s face it, you can’t trust anyone online nowadays, so making sure that you adapt everything to your needs is what you want the most. 
  • Buffered offers an interesting VPN solution that basically acts like a buffer between you and the companies that offer you access to data. The interesting thing is that you never have to worry about the potential issues that may appear, and the value on its own can be quite handy here. The ability to bypass censorship and other similar stuff is very helpful in particular, and the experience you get from using this is definitely a highlight for a lot of people. Overall, you want to use this if you need professional VPN solutions and a great way to protect your privacy.

How to Easily Setup and Use a VPN?

It all comes down to the VPN solution that you want to use. Some of them just offer a browser extension or mobile version. But usually each VPN platform is created with the idea of automating all the backend stuff. This way you just start the app on the desired device, connect to the server you want and you are good to go. Of course, most VPN apps also have customization options.

This way you can use any privacy options and the results can be quite handy this way. You get to know exactly where your data goes, what server you are logged in to and so on. Some VPN apps also show the amount of bandwidth you consumed, which is pretty interesting. It’s safe to say that it can be easy to use a VPN solution, and this way you know that all your data is protected. With so many hackers handling personal information nowadays, the last thing you want is to have someone handle your data online. And yes, with such a solution you can easily eliminate any potential problems that can and will appear at times.

How a VPN Protects Your Browsing History?

The way VPNs work is very easy to understand. They will connect to a server in another country and you will basically seem that you are from another country when you use a service. This means you can bypass any regional limitations. At the same time, you get anonymity, which in the end translates to an easier way to stay safe online and the results on their own can be quite impressive in the end.

Once you use a VPN connection, no one will know what data goes through there. Even the VPN provider doesn’t keep any logs of the data you access or use. They only explore the bandwidth, to ensure that everything is ok. It’s a really good option and one that does help pay off really well in the end. The idea is to make sure that you use a good VPN solution and one that everyone trusts. This way you know that your data isn’t stored anywhere. And yes, hackers or internet providers won’t have access to your data either, which in the end makes it easier for you to stay safe.

Using a VPN to Access NetFlix or Other Blocked Sites

Is this possible? Of course. As we mentioned above, you can easily use a VPN to access blocked content from other countries. Spotify and Netflix in particular are some great examples in this regard. The idea here is to identify what website you want to access from another country and then use the VPN. The benefit is that you can easily access all that content in no time, and the results can be very good all the time. It’s a nice experience to have and it also works rather nicely.

Yes, you should consider using a VPN if you want to access blocked content or if you just want to stay safe online. Using this type of approach is great, and being able to keep any hackers away is quite helpful as well. So yes, try to use a VPN solution as fast as possible, as it can bring you that improved security that you need!